Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dear Craft Book Publishers

I am distressed. I love craft books. Really. The problem that arises is that at least 50 percent of them that have patterns included call for the patterns to be enlarged anywhere from 150-400 percent. What's up with that?! The patterns that are at 100 percent of usage are great, I can trace them off and use them right away. But the others, oh no, first I have to trace it off, then either scan it or take it to a copy shop to enlarge it.

This poses a problem not only for me, but for millions of other crafters I'd venture. Unable to use the pattern right away because I have to go through all this extra riggamarole, I will  lose interest in making the pattern at all. Then I have to drive somewhere to get it enlarged. At the price of gas these days who wants that extra expense. And the cost to enlarge it at a copy shop. More expense. So, wasted money for the craft book, and one pissed-off crafter.

Now, if you are listening you book publishers, make your craft books with ring binding, allowing me to open the book flat to make it easier to follow instructions. Include an envelope at the back with FULL SIZE patterns. We who craft will love you. Right now, not so much.

For the publishers of Anna Maria Horner's books...big sloppy kisses. Full size patterns, ring bound. Need I say more. I know there are other books out there like hers, I own a few of them also. If there is extra expense in producing these kind of books, believe me, I'll pay the extra when buying it just to save me all the expenses on the back end of using a craft book that is not ring bound or that has patterns that need to be enlarged.

I'll step down from the soapbox now.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Publishers all think we've got giant copiers in our homes! We don't! ;)
    Have a great weekend from below the soapbox.