Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Things I Love

Occasionally I will post about things I love; whether they be blogs, food, patterns, etc. I love a lot of things. I've spent countless hours surfing blogs and websites each evening, no, I'm not web addicted. I limit myself to an hour of surfing each night. It helps me keep up with favorites, search new sites, look at new fabric and all that.

One of my favorite blogs is mmmcrafts. Larissa Holland has provided me with endless hours of fun on her blog along with publishing patterns that I LOVE! Because she is so special I wanted to do something for her. In lieu of something directly for Larissa, I made two dolls for her daughters, Thing 1 and Thing 2, as she affectionately calls them.

These dolls are made from a crochet pattern by Delicious Crochet, another fave of mine. I changed out the crocheted eyes to felt ones and made them fabric dresses and bloomers from my own pattern. Off they will go to the Holland home. Hope the girls will like them.


  1. No words. Except you are awesome.

  2. These are so cute! Is there a pattern available for sale? I can't seem to find one around here ...

    1. Staci, if you click on the Delicious Crochet name it will take you to the shop where I bought the pattern for these dolls. She has lots of wonderful patterns. The dress and the bloomers I did for these dolls is my own pattern. The original pattern has a crocheted skirt.

  3. So funny, they remind me of the puppets of a show which was on TV when I was a kid... "Rappelkiste"...