Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gone Fishin'

In my day job I do production and layout for magazines and event programs. One of the magazines I do is Badger Sportsman, whose owner is one of my favorite people EVER on this earth. Art is a kind, generous and truly caring individual. ALWAYS a smile on his face and hugs for whoever needs them. I need a lot as I am prone to cantankerous-ness. To thank Art for believing in me and not tossing me by the wayside, I decided to make him these.
Made from a pattern by the fabulous Mimi Kirchner. Since Art is a fishin' kind of guy I thought he would like them. They can decorate his couch, office or the back of the truck.
For you, Art, along with a cyber hug!


  1. They look fantastic! Hope you had fun with the pattern :-)

  2. Very, cute, I love anything by Mimi.